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Vision, innovative ideas and best practices for your Sterile Processing Department

Interim SPD Leadership

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The interim leader placed in your SPD can:

  • Manage the daily operations of the SPD, staffing, budgets, quality improvement, and fiscal management

  • Establish and/or maintain customer satisfaction with surgical services and partners

  • Manage and control expenditures within budget guidelines

  • Participate in a hospital fire, safety, and disaster plans

  • Support and enforce infection control policies and procedures

  • Maintain a professional approach

  • Assist with recruitment and transfer of SPD to new leadership

  • Mentor a new SPD Leader

  • Communicate effectively with ancillary departments and surgical services staff as needed

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Sterile Processing Consulting

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An overall assessment of the sterile processing department and operating room logistics. Our consultant experts examine all critical areas that directly impact the operational effectiveness of the sterile processing area.

Access your operations. See what is working and what is not working:

  • Inventory

  • Education

  • Scheduling

  • Staffing

  • Communication

  • Case Cart Management

  • Logistic Flow of instruments

  • Instrument processing

  • Instrument re-processing

  • Quality Control

  • Regulatory Compliance

Innovative Solutions

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We identify the problem areas:

  • Bioburden in sets

  • Wet instruments sets

  • Instruments not ready for cases

  • Long turnover times between OR cases

  • Heavy cumbersome instrument sets

  • Constant replacement of core instruments

  • Frustrated staff, surgeons, and key stake holders

  • Errors impacting department efficiency

  • Immediate use sterilization

Find innovative solutions to address the problems.

Recommend sustainable, evidence-based solutions suited to your department’s unique needs.

We collaborate and work together to improve the current environment using best practices and realistic goals which are workable and achievable.

SPD Facility Planning and Design

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We offer assistance with planning for your future Sterile Processing department.

Our consultant experts will work with key stack holders to build consensus on the floor plans, logistics and phasing plan for new construction and/or facility renovations. We will work with your design team to create an sustainable new construction or current facility renovation plan

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